Watch the haunted house horror movie Interior here

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This week’s Friday Fright Nights feature is writer/director Zachary Beckler’s feature directorial debut Interior – a movie that was reportedly made on a budget in the range of $12,000 to $13,000 and served as Beckler’s thesis film in the University of Central Florida Film Department’s Entrepreneurial Digital Cinema MFA program. So much like last week’s Friday Fright Nights movie The Andy Baker Tape, a found footage horror movie that was made on a budget of $2000, Interior can be used as a source of inspiration for aspiring independent filmmakers. Here’s a movie that was made on a microbudget by a college student, and it has landed a worldwide distribution deal.

Beckler certainly followed the first feature rule book when putting Interior together, too. The idea is to try to make something with as few characters and locations as possible, and here we have a movie that is carried almost entirely on the shoulders of just one character as he spends time in just one location. The character is a former film student whose ex-girlfriend has asked him to document the haunting of the house she and her family have just moved into. And for the majority of the movie’s 82 minutes we just watch this guy spending the night in the house, hanging out and getting creeped out more and more as the night goes on. It doesn’t get any more simple than this.

When a mysterious letter is found hidden inside a family’s new home, Sam, a struggling filmmaker, is hired to capture evidence of the supernatural events plaguing their young daughter. What starts out as a simple paranormal investigation leads to a long, terrifying night, forcing Sam to confront his disbelief as footage begins turning up on his equipment that he did not record. Isolated and alone with a dark force identified as Emily, Sam and his cameras are taken on a digital journey through the unknown and beyond.

The film stars Christopher Carullo as Sam. Early on you get the chance to see him have interesting interactions with other characters, like Piper Patterson as his ex Allison and Shannon Michael Wamser as her husband Drake. It’s obvious that Sam still has a thing for Allison and that Drake is uncomfortable to see the two of them together. That could have brought some intriguing drama into the story… but that’s not what Interior is about. Don’t get too invested in watching the Sam, Allison, and Drake dynamic play out, because soon enough Allison and Drake will be gone and we’re stuck with Sam. Thankfully, Carullo does a good job of playing the character.

Also in the cast are Autumn Rae Shannon as Allison and Drake’s daughter Danyl, Peg O’Keef as the voice of a ghost called Emily, and writer/director Beckler as a pizza man.

Eight years have gone by since Interior was first screened for an audience and Beckler still hasn’t made another feature – but don’t take that as a sign that he has lost his passion for filmmaking. Not only has his co-written a thriller called Did I?, which is currently in post-production, but he also happens to be a professor in the Film Department at the University of Central Florida. Teaching at the place where he used to be a student. A new generation of filmmakers are now learning from the director of Interior.