The Sandman Proves Its Worth With A Perfect Week On Netflix – Topplaywriting

Lots of shows have dominated NetflixNFLX +2.7% over the past several weeks. From Stranger Things to The Umbrella Academy to Virgin River—these proven programs have captured the premiere positions on Netflix’s Top 10 charts for virtually the entire summer.

But…that was also expected. Stranger Things proved this week that it might just be the most popular show to ever hit Netflix; with its third season, The Umbrella Academy was the first show to disrupt Stranger Thing’s legendary streak; and between its last three seasons, Virgin River has spent 35 days in the #1 position on Netflix’s daily popularity charts (that’s the second-most ever of any TV show).

What wasn’t expected? For The Sandman to join the ranks of all those other elite shows by completing a perfect week on Netflix.

What’s a perfect week? When a show spends seven consecutive days in the first-place position on the Top 10 charts. It’s pretty rare for a brand new show to do it in the first season. And it’s even rarer for that show to complete a perfect week in its first seven days available.

In fact, only three other shows have accomplished this feat in 2022: Inventing Anna (the latest viral hit from Shonda Rhimes), The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On (which might be Netflix’s most popular reality show ever), and The Lincoln Lawyer (yet another winning series from one of the most successful television show creators of all time, David. E. Kelley). Each of those shows earned themselves the distinction of becoming elite Netflix shows with their runs.

And now is it The Sandman’s turn to join those ranks? The show already has one leg up on The Ultimatum, which couldn’t eclipse Bridgerton to reach the #1 position until its second day of availability. The Sandman, on the other hand, beat out both Stranger Things and Virgin River—the two shows that have spent more time at the top of the Top 10 charts than any other shows ever on Netflix.

But The Sandman will need to extend its streak well past seven days to truly join the elite. All three of the aforementioned shows had first-place streaks that went significantly further. The Ultimatum’s run lasted for ten days, and both The Lincoln Lawyer and Inventing Anna complete a double perfect week with 14-day streaks.

The other shows that have in the past completed perfect weeks with their first season is stacked with undeniable hits: Bridgerton, Ginny & Georgia, The Queen’s Gambit, Tiger King, Squid Game, Space Force, Who Killed Sara?, Ratched, etc.

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Plus, plenty of other hits shows weren’t able to achieve perfect weeks in their first season: Emily in Paris, Cursed, Outer Banks, Jupiter’s Legacy. So The Sandman has already gotten off to a better start than other proven Netflix programs.

How far can The Sandman take this streak? The biggest threat this weekend is Never Have I Ever, a show that came just one day short of achieving a perfect week in its first season back in April/May of 2020. And last year, the show only reached the #1 position once. So The Sandman’s streak could very well extend into next week.