Recovery Update Promoting Disney Show Jeremy Renner Shares Optimistic

Is Jeremy Renner shares an optimistic update on his recovery from a recent snow plow accident, teasing audiences about his upcoming Disney+ series.

Jeremy Renner is in good spirits as he shares an update on his recovery while promoting his upcoming Disney+ series, Rennervations. One of the original stars of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Renner is best known for his role as Clint Barton a.k.a. Hawkeye, though the actor is also known for a number of other roles, most recently starring in Paramount+’s Mayor of Kingstown. Earlier this year, Renner was involved in an accident that left him in critical condition in hospital, with the actor now currently in recovery.

Naturally, concern for him remains high, although Renner has routinely shared recovery updates, often thanking everyone for their support.

Renner has now taken to Instagram to share a new update, and it seems the star is doing well. Posting an image from what appears to be from his newest series Rennervations, which will see him travel the world while repurposing vehicles, he makes light of his accident by sharing that he is “in the shop now, working on [himself].”

Jeremy Renner’s Accident Timeline Explained

On January 1, Renner suffered serious injuries as the result of an accident involving a snowcat, a vehicle designed to move snow, near his home in Nevada. The vehicle, which weighs over 14,000 lbs, crushed him, breaking more than 30 bones in his body. Renner was reportedly attempting to protect his nephew at the time of the accident and was quickly helped by one of his neighbors, who is a doctor. Renner was airlifted to a local hospital where he underwent surgery before remaining there for several weeks.

He has since returned home and is seemingly in high spirits as he now continues his recovery. Following these traumatic events, Renner is currently undergoing physical therapy, taking time to provide updates and even make jokes about the incident on social media. Most recently, Renner’s MCU co-star Evangeline Lilly shared that she had visited the star at his home, praising him for his high spirits and revealing he is “recovering incredibly.”

It’s reassuring to hear another positive update from Renner as he continues his road to full recovery. Earlier this month, the actor said he would be back working on Rennervations as soon as he is “back on [his] feet,” but many are hoping he is prioritizing his recovery over returning to the screen. As friends of Renner continue to send their well-wishes, the actor’s unwavering optimism is admirable as he continues to champion on through his recovery.