One Piece: RED has been confirmed to be airing in Indonesian cinemas from the CGV

Cinemas social media account, take note of today’s release date and check out the spoilers that will air later. One Piece Film: RED has been showing simultaneously in Japanese theaters starting on August 6, 2022, while in Indonesia it will also show the film after one month later, which is around September 16-18, 2022 at CGV Cinemas. With the anime One Piece Film: RED airing in Japanese cinemas, spoilers appear scattered on various social media wherever you are.

One Piece Film: RED anime spoilers from manga theory and leaked by reliable leakers have attracted the attention of many people that Uta is the daughter of Yonkou, Akagami Shanks, but is not Shanks’ biological child.

The anime One Piece Film: RED by Eiichiro Oda tells the story of the most beloved singer in the world, Uta. Where will be the meeting between Luffy and Uta, who are reunited on the music island of Elegia, which started from the village of Fusha 12 years ago. Surely you are curious about the full story of the Anime One Piece Film: RED. Therefore, watch this article until the end where it will be an interesting fact that Uta, Shanks, Luffy, Bartolomeo, Haki, Devil Fruit, Big Mom and the Straw Hat Pirates will receive a battle scene.

One Piece Film Anime Spoiler: RED

– Luffy said that Uta is the daughter of the Yonkou, Akagami Shanks. However, behind it all is not Shanks’ biological daughter.

It is said Shanks found Uta inside a treasure chest after stealing it. While in the crate Uta cries after being found by his crew and Shanks tries to calm him down by singing for him.

– It shows a flashback of Roger and Shanks having to ruthlessly leave Uta without telling the reason. However, Shanks did so so that Uta would not suffer and be free from his powers.

– The action in the film One Piece: RED begins after an incident in one of Uta’s events.

– Bartolomeo would have liked Uta’s character, but was more focused on Luffy and his crew.

– Shanks will appear in the film, with a reality that is neither from the side of the villains nor the heroes. However, Uta is the one who really changes from the hero side to the villain side completely.

All the announced characters will also play an active role in this One Piece: RED film.

– Shanks will fight with swords and use Haki which makes Vice Admiral Momonga faint.

– The Big Mom Pirates will appear and want Uta to take him away.

– The admiral will also have a role in the battle.

– It is also said that a mysterious warrior will appear through some techniques.

– There is a battle for Uta as his last enemy, who has a Paramecia-type devil fruit (uta uta no mi). His ability can allow him when singing puts people to sleep and takes their hearts to the fantasy world under his control. And can also control the body in the real world.

– Luffy will also be forced to use Gear 5 to defeat him. However, Gear 5 is shown as being disguised as SnakeMan which makes them think that Gear 5 is the “White Out” version of SnakeMan.

That’s some information about the One Piece Film: RED Spoiler. May be useful.