One Piece Is Looking The Best It Ever Toei Animation

Is Toei Animation is assigning some of the best directors and animators from past episodes and movies to cover the best fights from this arc. Lovingly referred to by the fans as “Roof Piece,” this stretch of action sees Luffy, Zoro, Kid, Killer, and Law team up against Kaido and Big Mom on the roof of Onigashima. We’ve seen animators like Ryota Nakamura (known for his film work on One Piece: Stampede), and Kazuya Hisada (another One Piece film animator) alongside renowned directors such as Yasunori Koyama (Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F) and Tatsuya Nagamine (One Piece Film Gold) come together to produce some of the best moments thus far. It’s entirely possible we’ll see them again for the arc’s most hype moments in the future, including Luffy’s upcoming transformation.

Sure, not everyone agrees with Toei’s added aura flair and aerial clashes in this battle section, but the animation and direction are flawless. One Piece is the best-selling manga of all time, according to Crunchyroll, and the series has been long overdue to receive this much tender love and care from the animation department, and I’m glad the day has finally come.

One Piece Film Red é, atualmente, o filme de maior bilheteria do Japão e da franquia como um todo. O longa já conseguiu arrecadar 5 bilhões de ienes desde sua estreia no dia 6 de agosto. A trama acompanha uma jovem chamada Uta que é uma diva da música, seu caminho acaba se cruzando com o Luffy já que ambos possuem um passado com o Shanks.

Shanks is an enigma we met at the start of the series with high standings in the pirate world. He’s also the man who set Luffy on his path to becoming a pirate. Since then, we’ve learned Shanks is a Yonko, has one of the highest bounties in the series, is hinted at having some incredible Haki, and was an apprentice on Pirate King Gol D. Roger’s ship as a child. Decades later, we are about to see him for the longest stretch of time yet. Previously only appearing to clash with people, say something clandestine, or stop a war, Shanks is finally becoming an active part of the plot.

Not only is he due to make his appearance in the anime, but Shanks is also the central figure in the One Piece Film Red anime in theaters. In the movie, we learn Shanks has a daughter named Uta who fancies herself an idol with the ability to sing people into harmony. It would seem a concurrent theme from Oda, between her ability and Luffy’s newfound power.

Fan Speculation Is At An All-Time High

If you choose to indulge, speculating alongside the One Piece fan community can be fun and rewarding if your theories turn out to be true. For weekly manga readers and anime-onlys alike, partaking in civil anime fandom discussions in anticipation of the next event is exhilarating. There are countless fans in One Piece manga chapter release subreddits every week waiting for the next chapter, same for its anime subreddit counterpart. Every week, there are anime reactors on YouTube when a new episode spectacularly adapts the series. Even manga folk wait with bated breath together, anticipating how their favorite panels translate to animation. Every week I look forward to new speculation videos from my favorite folks in the space like Tekking101, King of Lightning, King Recon, Rogers Base, AnimeUproar, and Ohara. Even watching newcomers react to earlier episodes like Heisuten is fun because you get to rewatch the show alongside new eyes, and the knowledge of newfound information enhances the rewatch.

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