‘One Piece Film Red’ has been released in style in Japan, but it is already

Being talked about as if it were the ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ of the anime.

‘One Piece Film Red’ promises to be the anime event of the summer (excusing ‘Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’), especially since it comes in the middle of the 25th anniversary of the publication of Eiichiro Oda’s manga.

The film was released on August 6 in Japan, and although it has broken collection records and has been at the forefront of the franchise’s box office releases… the critics do not end up finding a consensus.

The best opening of the franchise

Let’s start with the good, because ‘One Piece Film Red’ was one of the most anticipated movies of the summer and had a spectacular premiere during its first weekend in theaters. With its 2,254 billion yen collected (more than 16,322 million euros), it has already surpassed ‘Detective Conan: Halloween Bride’, which until now had the best opening of the year in Japan.

It has also become the best opening of the fifteen ‘One Piece’ movies, beating the record of ‘One Piece Stampede’. Even so, he has not managed to take the throne of the best premiere at the Japanese box office from ‘Kimetsu no Yaiba: Infinite Train’, but that was an event that will be very difficult to overcome.

Now, despite the very good box office figures, it seems that neither the critics nor the public reach a consensus on whether ‘One Piece Film Red’ is good or bad and there are completely opposite opinions very much in line with ‘Star Wars: The last Jedi’ at the time.

But either you love it or you hate it

Part of the negative reactions have come from the format of ‘One Piece Film Red’, which skips the usual conventions of the previous films in the franchise and opts for a more musical format that has not yet gelled with a large part of the fandom.

The film includes a total of seven songs performed by Ado, who is very popular among Japanese teenagers and young people but has taken his share of criticism from some parents for the language of some of his songs. So perhaps part of the rejection can also come from the inclusion of the singer, and that so many songs can be too many if you are not a big fan of Ado or musicals.

Now, it seems that the harshest criticism has come for the new revelations about Shanks that the film promised and how canon they are. Another of the bullets of the controversy is that it seems that some details of the manga that have not yet been seen in the anime series have been added to ‘One Piece Film Red’, with which some fans are not too happy and feel that have been included so that people do not want to miss the film.

Nearly 25% of the viewers have given ‘One Piece Film Red’ a single star on Eida, a very popular movie review website in Japan, although it also has many five-star votes that rank it as the best film of the franchise. At the time of this writing, ‘One Piece Film Red’ has a rating of three stars out of five, with almost ten thousand people commenting on it.

Now what we have to do is be careful if we want to avoid spoilers and cross-war between fans. During August there will be several episodes of the ‘One Piece’ anime that will serve to link with the film, although in Spain we will not be able to see ‘One Piece Film Red’ until next fall.