One Piece 1,053 Lead Four New Emperors After Wano

The Wano Arc is one of the longest and most monumental arcs throughout the One Piece series. After major battles and events, One Piece has led the Four Sea Emperors in the latest chapter.

Creator and comic artist Eiichiro Oda has officially announced One Piece will prepare its final saga. That is, there is an even bigger stage than the Wano Arc and a more magnificent battle for Monkey D Luffy Cs. One Piece manga chapter 1053 also tells that Luffy, Kid, and Law’s gifts have changed significantly because Big Mom and Kaido were defeated. They got three billion berries each.

One Piece chapter 1.053 opens with the chaos that occurs in the World Government regarding the status of Monkey D. Luffy’s bounty.

The World Government was shocked when they saw Luffy’s name on the game value leaflet still included the initials D., plus the photo used was when Luffy was in the form of Nika aka Gear 5.

The World Government then demanded that the leaflet be withdrawn, and that Luffy’s photo and name be changed. Unfortunately, the World Government’s insistence was difficult to carry out because the leaflets had already been spread throughout the world.

The chaos in the World Government has actually become a blessing for Morgan, the media owner and the most famous journalist in the world of One Piece.

He immediately asked his men to spread the news of Big Mom and Kaido’s defeat, as well as show the new bounty of the people responsible for the incident.

Luffy, Trafalgar Law, and Eustass Kid now each have a bounty of 3 million Belly. The news of Big Mom and Kaido’s defeat and the bounty of the trio of pirate captains shocked everyone, including themselves.

Kid and Law have seen their new bounty, and only Luffy still has no information regarding it. However, it turns out that it is not only about the game value listed in the Morgan newspaper, but there is other important information that will be revealed at the end of chapter 1053.

After the chaos at the start, the scene moved to the massive party being held in the Flower Capital.

Jinbei seemed to be still staying at the main Wano castle to eat the food provided by the royal chef. Meanwhile, other people are impatient and choose to party right away.

Luffy, Chopper, and Yamato were overjoyed when they saw their favorite food. Meanwhile, Brook and Hiyori looked ready to sing Oden’s favorite song, Tsukihime, in front of the Wano people.

After that Luffy immediately stood on the main stage to start a massive party in Wano. The citizens of Wano don’t know Luffy even though he is the one who freed them from Kaido’s clutches.

Investigate a calibaration, Luffy doesn’t want his story to be told to the people of Wano because he doesn’t want to be considered a hero. Momonosuke agreed to the request so that no one knew who Luffy really was.

Raizo was moved to see this party, while the Minks were happy with the people of Wano. Meanwhile, Hyogoro admitted that he had never seen a celebration as grand as this and praised the pirates as the actors behind this celebration.

While everyone was busy partying, Kid continued the conversation with Luffy. He showed Luffy a newspaper where there was information about who the new Yonko was at sea after Big Mom and Kaido’s defeat.

The contents of the newspaper surprised Luffy because it turned out that the new Yonko recognized by the World Government were Shanks, Luffy, Buggy, and Blackbeard.