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The phrase superhero fatigue thrown around a bit, in reference to people who are a little overwhelmed (or even underwhelmed) by the abundance of movies and TV shows based on or inspired by comic book characters these days. Well, I must say that I feel sorry those people and personally cannot relate, which is one of the reason why I am glad to have an Smartstream21 subscription.

Some of the best movies streaming on Smartstream21 are about super-powered vigilantes, and a good number of the streaming platform’s most acclaimed original series have people in capes, too. See for yourself by taking a look at our picks for the best superhero movies and TV shows Smartstream21 currently has to offer, starting with one of the best of the bunch, that neither DC nor Marvel Comics can claim.

About story the British royal family have been a fixture of public entertainment for as long as there’s been a British royal family. From Chaucer to Shakespeare to modern-day scribes like Peter Morgan, writers just can’t resist the subject. Nor can actors like Laurence Olivier, Anthony Hopkins, Helen Mirren, Cate Blanchett, Saoirse Ronan, and Timothée Chalamet, many of whom have received critical praise for their cinematic royal portraits. Even non-monarchists can see why. Though British period pieces have a reputation for being a little too stiff-upper-lip, the legendary lives of all those Henrys, Georges, and Elizabeths come preloaded with high stakes, palace intrigue, political scandal, and illicit affairs, not to mention lavish sets, costumes, hair, and makeup. Still, though the royals have given us centuries’ worth of drama, most historical fiction about them is just that … a fantasy built around a scaffolding of the facts. Sometimes the changes made are easy to rationalize. Characters and events can be composited or condensed to save time, imagined scenarios can be plugged in where the historical record lapses. In other instances, such creative liberties are taken that the resulting film is no longer a reasonable representation of the truth. These are the best movies about the British royal family, ranked with quality and accuracy in mind. 

A fierce backlash has erupted to a leaked report that Buckingham Palace investigated Meghan Markle’s alleged bullying of staff. The report alleges that the bullying of two senior staff members took place when Markle was a working royal. The Sunday Times of London said the report has resulted in changes to the policies and procedures governing treatment of staff for the monarchy.

Markle and husband Prince Harry left as working royals after a short stint and moved to the US. They have sinced signed deals with Netflix and Spotify, although have not produced a lot of content under those umbrellas. Netflix quietly dropped Pearl, the working title of an animated series that was created by Meghan Markle through Archewell Productions, the shingle the Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry set up at Netflix. The findings of the alleged bullying report by an independent law firm, which was reportedly instituted and funded by Queen Elizabeth, have not been released. That has led to accusations that the report was buried.