Insidious 5 Release Date Officially

Sony officially announces the Insidious 5 release date, bringing the horror franchise back to theaters five years after its previous installment. Insidious 5 release date. The horror franchise first kicked off in 2011 with the eponymous hit from Saw duo James Wan and Leigh Whannell, with the former directing the first two installments and the latter penning all four films and directing the third. The first two Insidious films centered on the Lambert family as they come under attack from supernatural forces trying to possess eldest son Lambert and his father Josh, who have the ability to astral project into a dimension dubbed “The Further,” while the latter two installments centered on Lin Shaye’s Elise Rainier in the lead up to her death in the first Insidious.

The Insidious franchise has been a fan-favorite since its launch in 2011, with the original film having grossed over $97 million against its $1.5 million budget and helping further propel Blumhouse Productions to further popularity. Subsequent Insidious sequels proved to be even greater box office successes, grossing a combined $442 million against a combined $25 million production budget. After a few years of silence, it was confirmed that Insidious 5 was in development at the studios with Patrick Wilson and Ty Simpkins returning to star and now audiences are getting exciting news about the horror sequel.

Could Bring Back The Lambert Family for Insidious: Chapter 2 seemingly ended the story of the Lambert family, but with Insidious 5 in the works, it’s time to bring them back into the fold. Insidious: Chapter 2 seemingly ended the story of the Lambert family, but with Insidious 5 in the works, it’s time to bring them back into the fold. With the 2011 release of Insidious, director James Wan managed to create his second hit horror franchise, after first creating the Saw series. Like Saw, the Insidious movies would show a knack for being what studios love the most: movies with low budgets that go on to make enough profit to fill a large yacht.

The four Insidious movies made to date have raked in $555 million worldwide, on budgets that have never topped the $10 million mark. That’s a profit margin anyone would be jealous of, and Insidious served as one of the first franchises to really establish Blumhouse Productions as the powerhouse it currently is within the world of Hollywood horror. With 2018’s Insidious: The Last Key earning the highest overall gross in the series to date, it makes perfect sense that Insidious 5 would be on the agenda sometime pretty soon. Blumhouse has yet to officially announce that an Insidious 5 is happening, but there have been rumblings of the project kicking off since not long after The Last Key’s release. For her part, series star Lin Shaye said back in November that she had heard there would be another sequel. If it happens, it’s time to bring back the Lamberts.

Ahead of this week’s San Diego Comic-Con, Sony has announced a slew of release date changes and additions to its calendar. One such addition includes Insidious 5, which has been slated for a July 7, 2023 release date. This puts the latest installment in the horror franchise in theaters over five years after Insidious: The Last Key hit the big screen.

News of Insidious 5’s release date comes a few months after Patrick Wilson confirmed that production on the horror sequel would kick off this spring. That said, with the film being set to hit theaters nearly a year from now, some are sure to wonder if production was delayed from COVID-19-related issues and Wilson’s schedule working on Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. It will be interesting to see whether Sony elects to hold firm to the July Insidious 5 release date, given it will place the film directly between The Flash, Indiana Jones 5 and Mission: Impossible — Dead Reckoning Part One, all of which are major tentpole projects with high expectations from audiences and the studios footing their bills.

Insidious: Chapter 2 was designed from the start to wrap up the case of the Lambert family, who had been besieged by a demonic entity, and later had patriarch Josh Lambert (Patrick Wilson) possessed by the malevolent spirit of a serial killer. Josh and his son Dalton had their memories of the traumatic experience suppressed, and things looked to be smooth sailing. Of course, psychic Elise Rainer also ended up dead, but the franchise continued by giving her the spotlight in prequels set before the original film.