Hercules Can Create A New MCU Team For Phase 4’s Secret Invasion – Topplaywriting

Secret Invasion could pay off the introduction of the Council of Godheads in Thor: 4 by introducing the most powerful team-up in MCU history.

MCU Phase 4’s Thor: Love and Thunder served as the onscreen debut of the Council of Godheads, who could have a crucial role in Secret Invasion, the next crossover event in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Notably, the Thor: Love and Thunder post-credits scene sets up the long-awaited Thor vs Hercules bout. Though it seems certain that Thor and Hercules will come to blows, another possibility is that the two gods can work together in the Secret Invasion cast.

In Marvel Comics’ “Secret Invasion,” Athena convinces the Council of Godheads to assemble a super team known as the God Squad, the only way to take on the Skrull Pantheon. Composed of alien gods enslaved by the Skrull Empire, the Skrull Pantheon scatters and destroys most members of the God Squad during the final fight. During “Secret Invasion,” Hercules manages to kill Kly’Bn – also known as the last of the Skrull Eternals. After the Skrull Empire is defeated, Hercules and the handful of God Squad survivors return to Earth, and the Skrull Empire’s alien god army is liberated.

The Secret Invasion crossover cast may just pave the way for the MCU debut of the God Squad. Currently, only three members of the God Squad exist in the MCU – Hercules, Thor, and the Eternal Sersi. However, if the Skrulls become a big enough threat in Secret Invasion, it might just convince Zeus to finally put the Council of Godheads into action.

Marvel’s God Squad is led by Hercules, and its members are Thor, Sersi, Snowbird, The Silver Surfer, Galactus, Ajak, Venus, Mikaboshi, and Amadeus Cho. In place of God Squad members who are yet to make their MCU debut, Hercules, Thor, and Sersi could be joined by Zeus, Starfox, and the remaining Eternals, Moon Knight’s Khonshu, Wakanda’s Panther God Bast, and even Ares or Loki. Any of these additions to the Secret Invasion cast would be perfect for further developing the timeline of gods in the MCU. Depending on what happens in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, which is right before Secret Invasion in the MCU Phase 5 slate, Kang The Conqueror might even join the God Squad against the Skrulls, whom Kang could see as his primary competition. With Secret Invasion’s cast being likely to include Captain Marvel – who is deeply connected to the Skrulls both in the comics and the MCU – Carol Danvers could also team up with the God Squad.

She-Hulk, Monica Rambeau, Namor, Ms. Marvel, and Shang-Chi are likewise not in the God Squad, the events in Secret Invasion could require them to serve in what could be the MCU’s most powerful super team yet. Indeed, it would appear that the invading Skrulls have no chance against Earth if the God Squad assembles in Secret Invasion. On the other hand, there’s no telling who among these existing MCU characters are actually Skrulls.