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Halloweentown star Kimberly J. Brown opens up about Halloweentown’s cut original ending in a TikTok where she shares a behind-the-scenes story. Halloweentown star Kimberly J. Brown opens up about Halloweentown’s cut original ending in a TikTok where she shares a behind-the-scenes story. Brown portrayed Marnie Piper in the 1998 Disney Channel Original Movie. Halloweentown was the start of a film series for the network consisting of four films.

In Halloweentown, Marnie Piper and her younger siblings Dylan (Joey Zimmerman) and Sophie (Emily Roeske) discover their grandmother, Aggie (Debbie Reynolds), is a witch during a visit at Halloween. Secretly following Aggie to where she lives, the children stumble into Halloweentown, a place where monsters live in peace. While Aggie hopes to train Marnie in her mystical ways, a malevolent presence threatens the town, leading to residents disappearing and Aggie and the children taking it upon themselves to defeat a hooded demon. While 18 years have passed since the last film, the series is still fondly remembered by fans, with Brown’s and Daniel Kountz’s Marvel Halloween costume from Wandavision attracting attention on social media in 2021, proving that the films still hold a place in people’s hearts. And once more through social media, Brown has shared behind-the-scenes secrets regarding the film’s original ending.

Brown created a video where she stitched TikTok video creator kristencaake’s trivia video in which she discussed an alternate Halloweentown ending. The star revealed that the original ending would have seen Marnie take the Talisman of Merlin deep into the woods to destroy it rather than cast it into a jack-o-lantern, leading to her aging rapidly. Brown also revealed that the scene was in the process of being filmed when the ending was rewritten, with her even already having created a cast of her face to use when making the aged make-up.

Is Halloweentown A Real-Life Place? Halloweentown isn’t just a Disney Channel Original Movie… every October the fictional town weaves its magic in a Pacific Northwest city. Disney’s Halloweentown a real-life place? Halloweentown, one of the first Disney Channel original movies, has delivered family-friendly fun since its premiere in 1998 and remains a beloved classic among millennials. That’s why it’s no surprise that Halloweentown does come to life in a Pacific Northwest city every October.

Halloweentown’s most prominent location is its magical eponymous town full of equally magical residents. In the first movie, witch-in-training Marnie (Kimberly J. Brown) travels there from the mortal world and must assist her grandmother Aggie (Debbie Reynolds) in solving the mystery of Halloweentown’s vanishing citizens and restore order. The only way to defeat the evil warlock Kalabar is to place a specially crafted talisman inside the town square’s enormous jack-o-lantern. Despite its low film budget, Halloweentown made such an impression on its viewers that the city in which it was filmed annually recreates the town.

A lot of the classic Disney film was shot in the city of St. Helens, Oregon, and this is where the annual celebration of Halloweentown takes place. From mid-September to Halloween, St. Helens transforms into Halloweentown, complete with an official jack-o-lantern lighting ceremony in the town square. The city has been hosting the “Spirit of Halloweentown” festivities every year since the movie premiered and features a variety of attractions including costume contests, photo ops with movie set recreations, tarot card readings, scavenger hunts, and more. Original cast members have also shown up for meet and greets, like Kimberly J. Brown, who has made appearances to kick off the month-long celebration with the pumpkin lighting. The “Spirit of Halloweentown” has even blended fandoms by scheduling meet-and-greets with the cast of Twilight. All in all, it’s the perfect opportunity for anyone who loves Halloweentown or is passionate about the holiday in general.