Halloween Ends star Andi Matichak explains why filming

Halloween Ends star Andi Matichak explains why filming was traumatizing and reveals what she thought after watching the finished product. For Halloween Ends star Andi Matichak, filming the latest installment of the classic slasher franchise was terrifying. Matichek plays Allyson, the granddaughter of Jamie Lee Curtis’ Laurie Strode, who fans know is the only Michael Myers victim to survive the killing spree he began in the original Halloween. Released in 1978, Halloween left a distinctive mark on the horror genre and jump-started the popularization of slasher films in the 1980s. It spawned seven sequels before the franchise was rebooted by Rob Zombie in 2007 and again in 2018 by David Gordon Green. Green’s reboot was praised by fans and critics alike, and Halloween Ends marks the third and final film in his planned trilogy.

Matichak’s Allyson is introduced in Halloween, Laurie is a paranoid, alcoholic shut-in who has a strained relationship with her daughter and granddaughter due to the trauma of running from Michael Myers for most of her life. Her paranoia is quickly justified after Michael escapes from prison to continue his bloody rampage, looking to finish what he started by coming for Laurie and her family. Between Halloween and Halloween Kills, Allyson witnesses the murders of nearly all of her friends, is kidnapped by Michael’s psychiatrist, and narrowly escapes with her life as her mother and boyfriend are murdered at the end of Kills. As of now, Michael is still at large, and Halloween Ends is expected to pick up where Kills left off.

Halloween Ends The Last One? Why The Title Is Probably Lying To You. Halloween Ends is believed to be the closing chapter in the Halloween saga, but the title might be lying and refering to a different end. Halloween Ends is the final entry in the Halloween reboot trilogy, and while it’s believed to be the closing chapter in the franchise, the title might be lying to the audience and could be referring to a different type of “ending”. Some of the biggest trends in the film industry in recent years are reboots and “requels”, and these have been especially prominent in the horror genre, with different franchises being revived through these trends. One franchise that quickly joined the fun with a reboot trilogy is Halloween, which started strong with David Gordon Green’s Halloween in 2018 but was followed by a disappointing sequel in 2021 titled Halloween Kills.

Halloween franchise again and refresh the story of Michael Myers and Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis), the reboot trilogy is a direct continuation of John Carpenter’s original movie, completely ignoring all the sequels that followed. Carpenter’s Halloween introduced viewers to Michael Myers, who after killing his sister on Halloween night 1963 when he was six-years-old, was sent to Smith’s Grove Sanitarium. Fifteen years later, Michael escaped and returned to his hometown Haddonfield, Illinois, where he began stalking Laurie, who went on to become the franchise’s main final girl, even if she was later replaced by her daughter, Jamie Lloyd (Danielle Harris), and Sara Moyer (Bianca Kajlich) in the not-so-popular Halloween: Resurrection.

Halloween Ends has some ground to make up following the lackluster reception of its predecessor. What made Halloween a successful reboot was its believable continuation of Laurie Strode’s story and the way it made another showdown between her and Michael feel necessary. By contrast, its sequel felt almost entirely the opposite. Kills instead resorted to turning up the blood and guts to cover up the fact that it didn’t have much of a story to tell. The latest installment would benefit significantly from sharpening its storyline along the lines of the first movie. That said, it isn’t entirely fair to hold this reboot franchise to the standard of the Halloween of 1978. The slasher genre was still being explored and developed then, which meant there was far more room to innovate and surprise. Since then, other wildly successful series like Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street, and Scream have thrown their hats into the mix and stretched the genre in unique directions. Halloween effectively laid the groundwork and remained a reference point for these films and many others with its relatively simple formula. Green managed to honor that with his initial reboot; hopefully, it’s within his grasp to do the same with Halloween Ends.

Since Carpenter’s original movie, the Halloween movie series has gone through different retcons, the most recent one Gordon Green’s reboot trilogy, which is coming to an end in October 2022 with Halloween Ends. As the new Halloween movies ignore the past sequels, in this timeline Laurie and Michael are not siblings (nor are they related in any other way) and Laurie had a daughter, Karen (Judy Greer), and a granddaughter, Allyson (Andi Matichak), who also became targets of Michael Myers. Halloween Ends is the final entry in the reboot trilogy and is believed to be the closing chapter in the franchise as well, but the title might be fooling the audience into thinking that, and it could end up taking the Halloween saga in a different direction.