Dog Star’s Former Animal Shelter Celebrates Her Role in Predator Film

Coco the dog is a major breakout star of the Predator prequel, Prey, and the animal shelter she was adopted from takes a moment to celebrate her.

Preys canine star gets a special shoutout from the animal shelter she formally resided in. Prey is the latest entry in the Predator franchise and arrived on Hulu on August 5, 2022. The film has received rave reviews from critics and audiences for its reinvention of the sci-fi action film series, and has become the biggest premiere in the streaming services history.

Much attention has been rightfully given to star Amber Midthunder and director Dan Trachtenberg, but the biggest surprise star of Prey has been the character of Sarii, the dog companion of the Midthunders Naru. Sarii is played by a real dog named Coco. The dogs original role in Prey was much smaller, but the director has said seeing more of Sarii was a key note from test audiences, so the movie contains every bit of usable footage they had. Since then, Coco has been as popular online with audience members as Midthunder and the Predator creature.

Fulton County Animal Services takes to Facebook to give a special shout out to Cocos role in Prey. The post highlights how Coco has no film training, but was adopted by a family specifically to star in the Predator movie.

Prey is one of many films to recently use shelter animals for their film production. The Disney+ remake of Lady and the Tramp used rescue dogs for the principal cast, with Tramp being played on set by a dog named Monte, a rescue from Arizona. Cocos life before being adopted for Prey remains unknown, but it sounds like she is enjoying a good life and a newfound sense of star power since her film debut in Prey.

Preys Dog Is Such A Good Girl, And BTS Details Make Her Even Better Sarii was a memorable scene-stealer in 2022’s Prey, but knowing the dog’s behind-the-scene antics makes her role even more fun to watch. The trusty dog companion, Sarii, was a highlight in Prey, but the animals behind-the-scenes history makes her role even more noteworthy. Sarii, which translates to dog in Comanche, was a key character in the Predator prequel, serving as the pet to Prey protagonist Naru (Amber Midthunder). Prey followed Naru, a young woman who attempted to prove to her Comanche tribe that she was a capable warrior and hunter. During her journey with Sarii by her side, Naru tracked down a mysterious threat that turned out to be a Predator.

Narus hunt to find the Predator took her on a journey away from the Comanche tribes territory in Prey, but the fearless warrior wasnt alone. Sarii joined Naru on her quest across the Great Plains in search of the creature that skinned a rattlesnake and left unidentifiable tracks in the forest. Before that, Sarii accompanied her owner on hunts and missions involving Taabe (Dakota Beavers), so the dog was already quite comfortable traversing different terrains. Still, Sarii didnt show fear after the pair encountered grizzly before coming face-to-face with the Predator. In fact, Sarii turned out to be the ultimate scene-stealing hero in Prey, putting her up there with some of the great dog companions in movie history. Aside from leading the bear away to give Naru time to prepare an attack, Sarii became an invaluable resource in the climactic battle against the Predator. Upon being rescued from the French fur trappers, Sarii assisted Naru in the final showdown with the extraterrestrial at the bog pit, retrieving Narus axe to give the Comanche warrior the upper hand. The adorable dog and the fact that it survived through Prey s ending was notable in its own right, but Sarii is made even better based on the details behind her role, including the fact that she was based on the cattle dog from Mad Max 2.