Brie Larson Celebrates Ms. Marvels Iman Vellani With Sweet Birthday Message

MCUs Captain Marvel, Brie Larson, sends a sweet message to her The Marvels co-star, Iman Vellni, to celebrate the Ms. Marvel stars birthday. Brie Larson celebrates Ms. Marvel star Iman Vellanis birthday with a sweet message. The Captain Marvel actress debuted towards the tail end of the Infinity Saga and eventually joined the Avengers in the fight against Thanos in Avengers: Endgame. As the MCU moves toward, Carol Danvers is expected to play a bigger role in the Multiverse Saga.

As Captain Marvel continues her journey in the franchise, she will take on a brand-new role as a mentor. In Nia DaCostas The Marvels, Larson will join Teyonah Parris Monica Rambeau and Vellanis Kamala Khan. Plot details are still scant at the moment, but the project is set to release next year. Despite their initial relationship in the MCU, Danvers and Rambeau may no longer be on good terms. Meanwhile, Captain Marvel is set up to be a mentor-type character to Ms. Marvel, marking their first proper interaction in the franchise.

Marvel Studios has already established a connection between the pair. While it kept its storytelling contained for the most part, the latest MCU series saved its biggest cameo at the end of its run. The Ms. Marvel finales post-credits scene surprisingly featured Captain Marvel appearing in Kamalas bedroom. It is unclear how exactly Danvers found her way into the heros New Jersey home and the series doesnt offer any more context about it, essentially wrapping up the narrative in a cliffhanger. This resulted in some fan theories that the young superhero shape-shifted into her idol, but this was immediately debunked. Instead, the pair swapped places in a scene that is a clear setup for The Marvels.

Marvel’s Multiverse Saga Is In Trouble In An Unexpected Way. Right after Marvel Studios announced the rest of their plans for the Multiverse Saga, it appears the MCU is already in trouble in an unexpected way. The MCUs Multiverse Saga is in trouble in an unexpectedly big way. Approaching the end of Phase 4, Marvel Studios laid out its overall plan for Phase 5 and Phase 6 during the much-anticipated San Diego Comic-C0n 2022. Spearheaded by Kevin Feige, Marvels panel included the announcement of several new projects, but as exciting as this is, the franchise is already facing some issues as it continues tackling the Multiverse Saga.

Known for playing the long game, it wasnt surprising that Marvel Studios has its next storytelling era all mapped out. Like the Infinity Saga, the Multiverse Saga will culminate with two Avengers films, both releasing in 2025. Before Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Avengers: Secret Wars, however, there will still be more than a dozen films and shows to be rolled out, and some of those endeavors are still yet to be properly announced by Feige and his team. These upcoming projects will continue to set up certain plot lines coming together at the end of Phase 6, and, furthermore, all of these projects will premiere in the next two and half years. While this means there wont be any scarcity of MCU content in the foreseeable future, it isnt exactly good news for a specific pocket of the entertainment industry.

MCU’s Phase 5 and Phase 6 announcements at San Diego Comic-Con due to the workload they will be facing in the next few years. This could mean big problems for Marvel Studios moving forward in the Multiverse Saga. As the MCUs upcoming projects become increasingly CGI-reliant with stories set off-world with the burgeoning multiverse or with characters using magic such as Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) and Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen), Marvel Studios will need VFX houses services now more than ever. Given their reputation, however, artists may not be eager to work with Marvel Studios anymore. Meanwhile, those who would be forced to tackle new MCU movies and shows could be unmotivated, which in turn could reflect negatively on their work quality. Considering Marvel’s allegedly stressful working conditions they are subjected to and the less-than-ideal compensation for all their hard work, these toiling VFX houses couldnt really be blamed if this scenario does come to pass.