Boruto’s Latest Twist May Kawaki Broke Bad he destroying Konoha

Latest Twist May Explain Boruto’s. Sinister twist in Boruto Chapter 71 may reveal why Kawaki broke bad and went all-in on destroying Konoha, as well as Naruto’s family.

One of the biggest mysteries in the Boruto series so far has been what made Kawaki break bad. The franchise began with him destroying Konoha, admitting he killed Naruto (the Hokage), and that he was intent on murdering Boruto too. However, the story had the Hidden Leaf taking in Kawaki in the lead-up, with the displaced teen actually growing to love Naruto’s family.

It led to many wondering if Momoshiki, Code or Isshiki possessed him, turning him into a WMD that not even the Uchihas and Team 7 could stop. Well, the answer for why Kawaki went berserker may have been hinted at in Chapter 71 when Amado confessed a sinister truth. The shady scientist Amado got kidnapped by Code and taken to Boro’s snowy lair. There, Code made him unlock his full power, but a civil war broke out. Code wanted Amado dead for betraying the Kara terrorist cell, but Eida needed the scientist alive as he could help her win Kawaki’s heart.

Code ultimately fled after Daemon battered him, leaving a relieved Amado brokering a deal to get Eida and her brother to Konoha as refugees. When Eida pressed him over how he’s untrustworthy, though, key details emerged about Kawaki’s body. Amado admitted he placed the second Karma mark on the teen-without anyone knowing-to make him a guardian once more. However, Kawaki could turn on the free shinobi world with this power, which is why Amado implemented a failsafe only he can activate.

He created a problem and kept its solution to himself, becoming invaluable. Eida was impressed, but this could mean that apart from messing with Kawaki’s body, Amado could also shut down his mind. If that’s the case and the scientist does try to reboot the kid, Kawaki could end up becoming unhinged. There’s a chance his mind reverts to the warmongering state Isshiki conditioned him in-not to mention that if the Karma mark is turned on and off, there may be remnants of some of Isshiki’s mind which might download into the boy’s body, along with his power.

Amado would be providing a gateway that could fracture Kawaki’s mind, mix it with Isshiki’s, or get the alien to take control as originally intended. After all, Amado said he didn’t know much about the Karma mark apart from installing or pausing it, so he might not have known he was giving his former boss an in. Interestingly though, if Kawaki’s consciousness still lingers within, this can allow Boruto the chance to use Naruto’s “talk-no-jutsu” and bring him back to the light. It would evoke how Naruto redeemed the likes of Nagato and Obito, saving them from darkness within. Even so, there’s a chance that the poison is too much to overcome. If that’s the case, Kawaki’s light side may well be killed off in this mindscape-and it would stem from Amado’s selfish desires to protect himself and play god.

One Amado Theory but Another Could Revive Naruto’s Nastiest Villain Chapter 70 of Boruto shut down an intriguing theory regarding Eida’s kin – but another one has risen that could revive Naruto’s nastiest villain. Boruto series, one prevailing theory was that he is Eida’s father. It would have explained why he didn’t want to see her warped, robotic form return to battle. However, the manga eliminated that thanks to a key insight into her all-seeing Senrigan eye.

It was revealed she couldn’t entrance her kin, so seeing as she successfully messed with Amado’s mind, him being her father can be ruled out. However, with one theory shut down, another has risen-and it could revive one of Naruto’s nastiest villains, making life a living hell once more for the Hidden Leaf. This Boruto theory posits that Amado is actually a servant for the snake ninja, Orochimaru. As Naruto fans will recall, he ran many twisted science experiments in the past, trying to perfect his own form and find the perfect ninja vessel. It led to him cloning, infiltrating the Akatsuki and also trying to make Itachi and Sasuke pawns due to their Uchiha bodies. This was all part of his mission to destroy Konoha and rule the shinobi world.

But while Orochimaru redeemed himself and helped in the Kaguya War, he’s still running secret projects in his lab. Log and Mitsuki are examples of the cloning taking place, which could tie into how Amado brought Koji Kashin back as a Jiraiya copy. With Jiraiya and Orochimaru growing up like brothers in the legendary Sannin, Orochimaru may have laid the foundation for Amado, as an apprentice, to recreate the ninja.

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