Attack on Titan Gets Special Fall Event Ahead Of Final Season

Attack on Titan announces a special Fall event with an orchestra performance and panel of the Japanese voice actors ahead of the show’s finale.

Attack on Titan has announced it will host a special event on November 13, gathering the stars of the anime ahead of the show’s finale. Audiences have not heard much about Attack on Titan since the end of season 4 part 2, but will likely see the final installment of episodes sometime in 2023. Attack on Titan has released a poster and teaser trailer for the finale, but viewers are restless after not getting an ending to the show in season 4 part 2.

Comicbook reports, Attack on Titan’s official website in Japan announced the special Fall event to create hype leading up to the series finale. The two-part event will feature an orchestral performance and a panel of the Japanese voice actors. The announcement also came with new artwork showing young Eren, Mikasa, and Armin running toward a giant tree as adult Eren looks on from the background, which comes from the cover art for the final season’s physical release.

The final part of the last season will bring Eren Yeager’s journey to an end as he attempts to destroy the world with man-eating humanoid titans as a titan himself and faces his once comrades as they try to stop him. Viewers were generally unsatisfied with the final season’s second part not ending the series after the manga had already finished, but season 4 part 3 will hopefully bring a thrilling end to the show. Based on the manga adaptation so far, the final part of Attack on Titan will likely be around 10 episodes.

Attack On Titan: Eren’s Founding Titan Transformation Explained – Attack on Titan episode 80 sees Eren Jaeger make his final transformation into the Founding Titan. Here’s what we know about his frightening new form.

Eren Jaeger has attained his final form in Attack on Titan, but what secrets lie beneath that gargantuan mass of bones and evil intent? Since Attack on Titan season 4 began, Eren has devolved from a classic Shonen-style protagonist into a murderous devil corrupted by the same cycle Marley and Eldia have been repeating for centuries. Believing the only way to protect his friends is by annihilating everyone else, Eren resolves to unlock the Founding Titan’s godlike power. Though seemingly foiled by his older brother, Zeke, Eren wins out in Attack on Titan episode 80, “From You, 2000 Years Ago,” and transforms into the Founding Titan proper.

Attack on Titan shows Eren Titanizing one last time, marked by the same bigger-than-usual surge of lightning and energy that announced Ymir’s transformation 2000 years prior. His decapitated head jolts back to life, then promptly begins growing into a massive, sprawling skeleton multiple times larger than even the massive Titans housed within Paradis Island’s three Colossal Titan walls. Attack on Titan refrains from showing Eren’s full body in episode 80, but the full scope of his skeletal Founding Titan is revealed by the end of season 4 part 2. How did Eren transform, what powers does he now command, and why does he look like that?

Zeke found out while waiting for Eren to awaken in the Paths, the Founding Titan power is nothing more than Ymir responding to requests – a limitless young girl pulling the strings of her bloodline. This meant Zeke could talk Ymir into dropping the vow of renouncement imposed upon the royal family by King Karl Fritz 100 years before Attack on Titan began. Ymir Fritz’s humanity goes both ways, however, and Eren convinces her to trust him instead, tapping into the anger that comes from years of Fritz/Reiss servitude. As the only non-royal to meet Ymir in the Paths, Eren is the first person to ever evoke Ymir’s inner desire for freedom, and she gladly hands him full control of the Founding Titan.