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One Piece Film: Red These are the 10 most powerful pirates in Shanks’ Red Hair pirate crew. The Red Hair Pirates are one of the strongest known pirate crews in the One Piece world, led by the Yonko, Red-haired Shanks. As the first pirate crew to be introduced in the series, the Red Hair Pirates were always destined to be very important in the story.

With the final saga of the One Piece having begun, the Red Hair Pirates have now taken a central role in the plot and every powerful member of the crew is now going to have a very defined role moving forward.

Shanks – The captain of the crew and one of the Yonko of the Sea, Shanks is an extremely powerful pirate in the New World. He has a bounty of more than 4 billion berries on his head, which just goes to show that he is in a league of his own. Shanks is a tremendous user of Conqueror’s Haki, as seen during the Wano Country arc where he paralyzed and scared off Green Bull using its powers. His true strength remains unknown, however, he is likely the most pirate alive at the moment, now that Kaido is down for good.

Ben Beckman – the Vice Captain of the Red Hair Pirates and is a mighty powerful pirate who has often been described as the dark to Shanks’ light. Beckman is quite a monster in combat, as is evident from the fact that even Kizaru, a Navy Admiral, was afraid of him in Marineford. He is most likely an excellent user of Haki and he even carries guns to use in combat. According to Film Red, his Haki surpasses that of an Admiral. Being Shanks’ right-hand man, Ben Beckman is certainly going to be incredibly powerful.

Lucky Roux – the second strongest subordinate of the Red Hair Pirates and an incredibly powerful cook. Just like Yasopp, he has a very high bounty on his head and is one of the reasons why this crew doesn’t have any big weaknesses. Roux’s true strength hasn’t been seen in combat just yet, however, he is most likely going to be a monster. He was the first person in the story to kill someone and that certainly says a lot about him. He is an excellent user of Haki and attacks by turning himself into a ball. His leg strength is also known to be good.

Yasopp – one of the more prominent members of the Red Hair Pirates and the father of Usopp. He is one of the top three executives of the Red Hair Pirates and has a very high bounty on his head, according to Brannew. Yasopp is an incredible sniper the likes of which Luffy has never seen before in combat, he is so exceptional that Shanks personally came to Syrup Village to seek him out. His skill with a gun is such that he can snipe the antenna of a fly from 100 meters away without harming the rest of it. Yasopp is also an excellent Observation Haki user and can see the future longer than Katakuri.

Limejuice – quite a powerful member of the Red Hair Pirates and an elite officer of the crew as well. In combat, he is known to wield an ax, however, how good exactly he is with it isn’t known just yet. Limejuice is likely a decent user of Haki, as is evident from his posting as an officer of the Red Hair Pirates and the fact that the crew most likely doesn’t have Devil Fruit users on board.

Building Snake – one of the older members of the Red Hair Pirates, however, it is unknown as to exactly when Shanks recruited him on his crew. He’s a skilled fighter, being an officer of a Yonko crew, and most likely knows how to wield Haki. Snake is a user of a saber in combat as his weapon of choice and likely coats it in high-level Haki to deal damage to his enemies.

Howling Gab – yet another executive of the Red Hair Pirates and by the looks of it, he’s one of their mightiest. He has a beastly presence about him and likely possesses tremendously high physical strength. It is unknown what kind of powers he uses in combat, however, for him to be a user of Armament and Observation Haki doesn’t seem out of the realms of possibility. Howling Gab uses his howls to hurt enemies according to Film Red.

Hongo – Yet another powerful Executive of the Red Hair Pirates, Hongo has also established himself as a strong fighter in the New World. In combat, he wields a polearm, meaning he is skilled with weapons. Being an officer of the Red Hair Pirates, it is highly likely that he is skilled in Haki as well and combines it with his polearm to fend off his enemies. While not among the strongest of members, he’s still pretty tough.

Bonk Punch – yet another powerful Executive of the Red Hair Pirates. So far, little to nothing is known about him, however, he is likely very powerful. According to Film Red, Bonk Punch has a very powerful punch. As mentioned by Brannew, every member of the Red Hair Pirates has a high bounty, meaning they have all made a name for themselves in the New World. Bonk Punch is, thus, likely to be very powerful.

Monster – a monkey who is often seen sitting on the shoulder of Bonk Punch. Just like the Straw Hat Pirates have Chopper as an animal capable of combat, the Red Hair Pirates have Monster. Surprisingly, Monster is known to be one of the Executives of the Red Hair Pirates, which just goes to show that he has some level of fighting capabilities. How exactly he fights, apart from creating distractions, isn’t known just yet, however, in the future, fans will definitely see him in combat.